Dating people in wheelchairs

I get looked at like im a freak or talk to me online and don't see the chair and everythings fine and they say their cool with me being in the chair.

When Samantha Renke, 29, is out in a club, she gets guys coming up to her and making comments like: “While you’re down there love…” It’s not just because she’s four foot, but mainly because she’s in a wheelchair.

Renke has what’s commonly known as brittle bone syndrome, meaning her bones break easily and she has to use a wheelchair permanently.

You could tell some boys had egged each other on talk to me in quite a jokey way.” She’s also been out on dates where the other person hadn’t quite known how to act around her disability: “I have stopped going on dates because the person hadn’t thought about things like accessibility.

I haven’t wanted to say I can’t have any drinks because there’s no disabled toilet.

I’ve cancelled the dates to avoid embarrassment.” 'We're like everyone else, OK?