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This is a fairly comprehensive reference on Rickenbacker's instruments.

It has a great section on the early models (pre-1950) that covers the steels RIC made really well.

View full product details This Martin defines the 60s folk sound.

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Although arguably not the most versatile of guitars, Rickenbackers possess a unique, jangly chime that can't be duplicated on any other guitar; think of the celebrated opening chord to The Beatles' "A Hard Day's Night", or the introduction to The Byrds' version of Dylan's "Mr Tambourine Man".

But it is not just their sound that ensures Rickenbackers enduring popularity among players and collectors alike; the Rickenbacker look - the antithesis of metal and heavy rock - immediately conjures up the Swinging Sixties and Carnaby Street cool.

It was three decades later, however, that the brand became famous, with a series of thin, hollow-body electrics designed by a German emigrant, Roger Rossmeisl, whose father was also a guitar maker.

Initially marketed as the Capri series, the guitars featured a novel construction in which a solid body was partly hollowed-out from the rear, the electronics were installed, and then a wooden back was fitted.

Rare opportunity to own an original 1960 dot neck 335. This one is a TRUE 1976 bicentennial, with original pots dating 15th week 1976.

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