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However, many women also use the romance of the day to confess their feelings to their crushes.

If a man received a “true love” chocolate from a woman who was confessing her crush, he’s expected to provide her with a gift revealing his own feelings – a small, drab gift if he’s rejecting her, and something more lavish if he wants to date her.

While Christmas is largely an occasion for families in the West, Japan celebrates the occasion secularly on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day – and considers it more of a romantic holiday than a family one.

For $2.50, young men and women could attend a night of dinner and dancing with the express purpose of introducing eligible bachelors to single young women.

Upon arrival, new members bowed to one another and offered the greeting “yoroshiku,” described as “a very loose greeting which is used to fit any situation and in this case meaning ‘I hope I can find a mate among you.’” During dinner, partygoers were expected to “learn proper manner of eating western food.” If a young man found a young woman intriguing, he was not allowed to leave with her. Shibui, who would then arrange a date if the feelings were mutual.

You don’t have to be Japanese or be dating a Japanese person to enjoy some of the fun dating traditions of Japan.