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pieces of royal shit chairman, *in 2010 NBC folds and includes Today Show's modern wedding contest to LGBTQ people.

*star and executive producer of the rebbot of the 1990s show Roseanne who includes a "gender fluid" 9 year old character that is a character “celebrated by the LGBT community” as the “first ‘gender non-binary’ character to appear on network TV.” , *comedian who became mayor of 72 resident Hell, Michigan (yes he sought out this real life place) who outlawed heterosxuality and is best known for writing a gay-themed novel about Donald Trump and then in Sept of 2017 wrote a gay Bible , *gay California state Senator responsible for writing and co-sponsoring in Oct.

Lilith is most often defined as 'night she-demon', from the Akaddian lili 'spirits' and the Sumerian lili 'she-demons'.), *founder/editor-n-chief of Lilith magazine , *advice columnist for 47 years with the pen name Ann Landers/identical twin sister of Pauline Phillips, who wrote the "Dear Abby" advice column as Abigail Van Buren/considered one of the most influential women of latter 20th century, *child author whose topics such as masturbation and menstruation to teen sex, birth control, etc have The American Library Association (ALA) naming her as "one of the most frequently challenged authors" to be banned of the 21st century, *bisexual rights activist, sex-positive feminist, polyamorist and BDSM practitioner, important figure in the modern LGBT rights movement (like many Jewish Feminists since 1960s) who is known as the "Mother of Pride" for her work in coordinating a rally to commemorate the first anniversary of the Stonewall riots and who originated the idea of a week-long series of events around Pride Day which became the genesis of the annual LGBT Pride celebrations that are now held around the world and who along with 2 other LGBT activists is credited with popularizing the word "Pride" to describe these festivities *academic gender theorist who played a very influential role in shaping modern feminism whose books have had a major role in feminist and LGBTQ scholarship and who says "I reject totally the characterization of a transwoman as a mutilated man" from Jewish sects like Reform Judaism, Reconstructionist Judaism, Open Orthodox Judaism, Humanism Judaism, etc.seduce and deceive women into false interpretaations of the sexes, feminists theologians who have fomented and fueled feminism in non-Jewish areas of society not only with feminist beliefs and causes but also LGBTQ beliefs and causes.

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, while England has 3, Australia 2, India 1, Latin America 1, Taiwan 1, ... TRANSEXUALS AND GENDER CONFUSIONS ARE ASSOCIATED WITH DEVILS THROUGHOUT TIME.


” President Richard Nixon speaking to his top aide, H. “Bob” Haldeman, during a recorded White House meeting back in 1971!!

., *pro-pot opportunistic shock comedian who in 2014 showed off her vaporizer e-cigarette for smoking marijuana on the red carpet of the Emmy's saying "this is my pot," .."liquid pot"..

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