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bho appeared much ah'ected, Digitized by Gopgle 90 and shed tearg, which Beemed to relieve her, and she went through her part ivith her asual excellence.

Bo formidable was the crowd, not more than twenfy ladies obtained places in the pit, and the house was crammed in every par(^ "When Mrs Siddons made her appearance, she was reeeived with the loudest acolamaiioafi.

Seyeral persons vrho had attempted to get m, became overpowered by the heat, and in endea Tonnng to retrace their steps, created great oonfnsion.

So early as three o'clook In the afternoon the people began to assemble about the pit and gallery doorb, and at lialf-past four tlie pressure "was 80 very great, tliat those who had attended early, in the hope of getting a good situation, were driven from the doors by the rush of those who were under the arches.

Judges and Friends t to whom the tragic strain Of nature's feeling never spoke in vain, Perhaps your hearts, when years have glided by.