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Those that work out and eat halfway decent would be ideal. $.post(" About Me: I'm a nice guy who maintains an active lifestyle and loves to travel.

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Also enjoy cooking, watching movies and of course, going to the gym. About Me: I MAX (98362) I MAX ( 83008 ) [email protected] Guys I Want To Meet: Lookin for friends, workout budz, and maybe more... I like to read, watch tv, hang out with my friends, and work.

I love going out and being social but i also enjoy laying around the house having a chill day once in a while. I am planning on becoming a history teacher soon after college.

About Guys I Want To Meet: Only interested in guys who are masculine and athletically active.

Honesty, open mindedness, compassion, and acceptance of others opinions are also a major plus.

About Me: I'd like to tell you i'm some super in shape, young, buff, jock but the reality is I'm 56 and in a lot better shape than I was a year or two ago!