Dating sites for minors greek dating sites in toronto

A majority simply let a user set up a profile then access and contribute to a live feed much like a chat board.Some apps will go a step further and ask users to list interests and then match like connections.While each app we looked at below has an age requirement, we know that kids jump right over them.

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Some of the apps you may see on your kids’ phone or PC include: (no age requirement, rated “medium” maturity), OKCupid (rated 12 and has an 18 age requirement) Tinder (rated 12 and has a 13 age requirement), Skout (rated 12 and has a 13 age requirement), Blendr (17 ), and Tingle (rated 17 and has an 17 age requirement).

One site we found specifically designed for teens is called My LOL and appears quite safe to use (with a parents’ knowledge).

But what happens when these seemingly harmless dating apps find their way onto your teens’ phone?