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Dont leave any traces of who you are-if my husband gets one sniff-were through. Yes.Leave everything in this room then meet me at the address I give you.I will.Good boy.

I could press the button, close the doors and run for my life. She wore little white shorts that showcased her little round bottom. The girl had been naughty and had to stay after school for a spanking.

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She towered over me and dominated our sexual sessions-which of course, I found sexy. -why should I care if the woman I was with wanted to be in charge? It came to her, she told me, when she had attended a birthday party for the daughter of a friend of hers. He kissed my cheeks and told me how pretty I looked. When I was standing in front of him, between his thick muscular legs, he had me lift my dress and lower my pretty panties. She also added that Rosario was going to make me look like an angel. True to her word, when she was done with my hair and makeup, Rosario had transformed me into a very pretty little girl who most certainly could have competed in a junior miss beauty pageant. Standing in front of that large mirror in the master bedroom of the suite, I felt butterflies the size of eagles flying in my belly. All the tweezing and pulling and brushing and poking at been well-worth it-for there, standing between my Aunty Marion and Rosario was the prettiest little girl I had ever seen! Her hair, a stunning and very natural-looking blonde, was cut in a bob style. She then stood and lowered something down over my head. With that she had me step into the bottoms of the babydoll pjs. They looked kind of like short little bloomer-style panties and there were 4 rows of ruffles across the seat.

We met once or twice a week in her cabana-mostly on my days off-sometimes while I was working. Im sure she just enjoyed having a young man in her control and between her legs, but I still hoped anyway. When I reminded her that she was married, she laughed and said that she hadnt forgotten. After a few drinks, she told me that she had come up with a plan that would allow me to live in her house with her, right under husbands nose. Sitting in the livingroom, watching all those 12 year old girls playing and having fun in their pretty party dresses, gave her a wonderful idea. My huband, she explained, would never suspect if I were to bring home a pretty young girl to live with us. Let me show you.She turned my body so that I woas facing the mirror over the dresser and grabbed my hair in two bunches, creating two thick pigtails in her hands.Look. He laughed when he saw my tiny male member and said, Why youre not a pretty little girl at all are you. Her bangs were straight across and the ends curled in ever so slightly about 3 inches above her soft shoulders. There was a touch of blush on her cheeks and her lips had the faint shine of frosted bubblegum pink. But you need to thank your Mommy.Oh, Im sure she will find a way to say thank you, no need to worry. She pulled them up and the electric charges that went through my body when the satin brushed against my bare skin-my bare balls and spent cock-I had to bite my lip.

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I was a quick learner and was able to bring her to orgasm several times each of our times together. You could pass for 13, maybe even younger than that if you were dressed properly. The elevator doors opened and I realized that I had a choice. And as you walk, Brianna, I want you to think of yourself as a pretty girl. I want you to swish that sexy little bottom of yours from side to side. The named Brianna wore a tight t-shirt and her budding breasts made two small rises in the material. When I was up against her, she picked up a remote and turned the tv on. The man looked familiar, although, as the moment I couldnt place his face.