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I have always looked older than I really am, and I tend to hang out with an older crowd. He is very handsome, tall, seems very nice and polite. Would you feel intimidated or turned off, or does it strictly make no difference her age? Hell, I'm almost 30 but most of the time I still feel like I'm 20, which I suppose is a good thing I am 22 and my boyfriend is 34! Seldom do two people of VASTLY different family experiences growing up have the common base needed to form a solid "union.") 2. (I wouldn't want a younger woman who had any interest in being a trophy.

I have always dated guys several years older than me..saying that it makes them mature, by all means, but .... He asked me out for a year before I said yes ( I was nervous about age to) But I am really glad I went We've been togeather 8 months and this is the best relationship I have ever been in. I would want a woman to be driven to succeed in a field of endeavor she loves.) 3. (A KEEN ABILITY TO TALK THINGS OUT IS IMPORTANT FOR PARTNERS OF ANY AGE, BUT EVEN MORESO WITH PARTNERS OF WIDER AGE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THEM.) 4. (This idea ties in rather well with #3, but both partners would have to be willing to grow as people, and learn from each other, etc.) 5. (I want kids, and I don't know if I could ever be with someone who didn't.

Yes, I admit that I was attracted to her physically as well. She tells me she wanted someone who was steady and didn't turn her life upside down every other day like the younger "party boys" often do. After two years, I knew I had to move on or risk being dragged into a very unhealthy place.

HOWEVER, it went SO MUCH deeper than me just being attracted to her body... I don't mourn the lack of a sexual relationship with her quarter as much as I mourn the lack of that intellectual and emotional closeness that we had. All I would suggest is that you both take PLENTY of time getting to know each other, and finding out what you are both all about, and want from life. Curt __________________ The problem with being brutally honest in communicating with other people, is that it often ends up creating more brutality than honesty in communications. But he was feeling the tick-tock of time, ready to settle down. But, later, I came to appreciate his honesty and wisdom in seeing that we were on two different tracks in life. Young women often need a "project" guy to save from himself and his lifestyle......obviously may have outgrown that need, although you may still have some "nesting" tendencies one day. Follow your heart and not what's trendy (or not) with society and friends. If he didn't have the alcohol issue, we might still be together You love who you love.

He's not afraid of being goofy and sweet, which includes wearing pink, or donning a funny hat.15. Sometimes you just have to challenge these kinds of assumptions.

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