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Commewijne is a district of Suriname, located on the right bank of the Suriname River. One of the most populated of Suriname's districts, Commewijne relies primarily on agriculture for its income, with plantations dating back to the first Dutch colonisation of the area in the 17th century. The district has a population of 31,420 and an area of 2,353 kmĀ².The volume of bilateral trade in 2012, reached US.9 million in favour to Indonesia.

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based upon shared common history as former colonies of the Dutch Empire.

Large numbers of Javanese migrated to Suriname to work on plantations during the late 19th and early 20th-centuries.

This is changing among the ethnic European population as many women now work and, as divorce is more common today, some homes only have a single parent.

Among the Indian population these traditional roles are more pronounced today, but even in these families there are changes, most commonly due to women having careers.

Along with numerous small colonial forts, Nieuw Amsterdam is the home of Fort Nieuw-Amsterdam, a large fortress built to protect the Commewijne area during the Second Anglo-Dutch War.