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The response has been pretty phenomenal.” That said, Sundberg likes to point out that she isn't definitively naming colours: “It isn't a colour dictionary; it's a thesaurus, meant to help you find a synonym for descriptive purposes.” She likes to quote Dr Mazviita Chirimuuta of the University of Pittsburgh, who says: “Colour hovers easily between the subjective world of sensation and the objective world of fact.” And adds: “Personally, I'm interested in the world of sensation.Every human eye will interpret a hue differently, and every computer monitor is calibrated differently as well.

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She says: “I've had thank you emails from writers, artists, wedding planners, primary school teachers and designers who have found it helpful in their creative works and businesses.

I've even had an astronomer contact me about how it's helped him identify different shifts in light.

Curiously, though, it wasn't something that the first writers of epics worried overly much about…

mainly because they didn't seem to have many colours to go at. When he was merely MP for the University of Oxford constituency, he began to write a book about Homer – and in his researches noticed an intriguing lack of colour descriptions, especially for blue.

Perhaps it's medallion, or dandelion, bumblebee, butterscotch or Tuscan sun.