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Despite her huge success as a television host, she says she would prefer dancing to hosting TV programmes if forced to choose just one job. I liked their idea of having parents help children select partners since it matches Chinese people’s concept of marriage as not only a deal between two people, but also a deal between two families.I thought the programme was also a good fit for me because I can communicate freely with both young and old people. It was aired from the end of last year to February of this year and the viewer ratings were among the highest on the weekend.

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You have adopted three children and you have a German husband.

Do you educated your children in the Chinese or Western way? I require my children to follow traditional Chinese courtesy rules.

Some parents will tout the offer of hundreds of millions of yuan or property ownership in Shanghai in order to lure a favoured candidate to choose their child as a partner. But later I found that my fans were aged from five to 100 as my programmes are the ones attracting the whole family to sit down in front of the TV, watch and discuss together. Once I played a role in a stage drama and a 100-year-old granny, supported by her great-grandson, came to see me. I asked, since she was so old, whether she could hear or understand what I was talking about.

She said she didn’t care what I was saying, she only wanted to see the fine image of me wearing cheongsam.

Dancing is my spiritual reserve, which supports me during my most challenging days.