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In the eighteenth century, when tatting was in great vogue, much larger shuttles than our present ones were used, because of the voluminous materials they had to carry, silk cord being one. After filling the shuttle, take the end of the thread between the thumb and forefinger of the left hand, and the shuttle in the right, pass the thread over the third and fourth fingers of the left hand, bring it back towards the thumb and cross the two threads under the fingers, as indicated in fig. Pass the thread that comes from the shuttle round the little finger of the right hand, and give the shuttle the direction shown in the engraving.

Shuttles.—The tatting shuttle consists of two oval blades of either bone, ivory, mother of pearl or tortoise-shell, pointed at both ends, and joined together in the middle.

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(i see some had other features i have no idea what they are for).

i am primarily interested in doing doilies, linens, and jewelery, so i hope this will guide you in your recommendations.” I’m sure you’ll be happy with any shuttle from David, but here are my suggestions. Until you’re pretty comfortable with your tatting hand motions, a spike will probably poke you a lot.

Order a smaller or bigger one if your hands are a bit smaller or bigger, and probably a bit bigger if you are a man.

If you are also looking for brand ideas, David Reed Smith makes some great shuttles, and there are several other good options.

i have found this shuttle in some old basket of vintage and antique british stuff so i don't know much about this shuttle.

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