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I’ll post a paragraph on my wall, and she’ll continue it in a comment. I lived my teen years listening to metal, gothic, rock, and anything like that, punk too, and emo.As I got into high school, I was more into dance, party, indie, and music like Jeffree Star’s.So, I began experimenting with more feminine appearances two years ago, but it was subtle.

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I’d usually wrap my blankie around myself like a dress and walk around on my toes like I was in heels, and that was at the age of 4.

And my entire life I felt more girl than boy, but I really didn’t care much to explore the woman inside till about two years ago.

Ironically, when I saw your Facebook, my visual image of the way I’d love to see you was realized with your recent photos.

I wanted to know why you’re presenting yourself in a much more feminine manner these days.

Roxy: I’m not sure who my favorite poet is, but i do still write, bits and pieces here and there.