Dating website business model

It is often the case that smaller websites have initial challenges generating conversions and cannot afford mass marketing, hence, they find themselves at a point where conversion costs are high and marketing is challenging.

Investors, banks, and seasoned professionals realize this and use the financials to analyze the approach to a solution.

user acquisition strategy , retention plan, and brand positioning.

Compu Date decided that for a small amount of money it could purchase the assets of the former company and make a go of it.

By far the most valuable asset was the customer list.

The Market Compu Date will target two distinct market segments, 20-35 year olds, and 36-60 year olds.

Compu Date's services must appear hip and cool in order to be popular with the younger age group which has a 9% annual growth rate and 54,000 potential customers.

The financial forecasts for an online dating business are generally relative to the number of members that the business has and their monthly subscription fee.