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-click thumbnails for enlargements (Java Script should be enabled), but please allow all images to load before doing so, or some may not display (if this happens, use Refresh from your toolbar to reload the page) There is a history of resident cats in the British 'corridors of power', including the prime minister's residence, the War Office, the Home Office, the Cabinet Office, the Foreign Office and the Treasury, dating as far back as the time of Henry VIII, when Cardinal Wolsey was his Chancellor of the Exchequer.

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Margaret Thatcher is reputed to have bought him a tin of sardines in Moscow when she was visiting a supermarket there.

When he made a TV appearance with her, it was Wilberforce who received more fan mail!

He turned to his desk and made a note: 'Treasury vote: approve increase in cat's pay.' The budget bill for a 50% increase in the cat's pay was submitted to Parliament, debated, voted on and passed: and that is how Rufus came to be known thereafter as Treasury Bill.

A cat called the Munich Mouser is mentioned as being 'in office' under Neville Chamberlain and was resident in Downing Street when Winston Churchill moved in as prime minister in May 1940; we think this cat died during 1943.

10 in the country, where he apparently devoted his time to dominating a large dog!