Dating women with small children

I also learnt a lesson that i myself wont have kids until im absolutely 100percent sure that im ready for the responsibility.I also have a lot of respect for other 20 something year old guys who are living with women with kids and playing the daddy role because now i understand what they probably go though.

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There's good and bad in any relationship/marriage with kids; whether they're yours or not.

If a woman is a feminist, you can be treated like the last person in the house by any woman and when you're a step-dad, definitely.

As much as i liked her and wanted to be with her eventually i just got burnt out trying to be a daddy when i wasnt being appreciated at all. Hey man with all do respect, you gotta go into a situation knowing what the possible outcomes are.

Of course i respected the fact that her kids always came first but i just felt that i was always the last person in the house. My needs and wants always came last compared to everyone elses. I've dated 2 women with kids though (both had 2)... Dating a woman with kids is a lot like driving in the fast lane. Yet on the same hand, it can all come to a devestating irreverseable crash with set in stone consequences.

When you move in with a person who has children you have also made a choice to become a step parent. I was well prepared and completely thrilled to help raise her little girl as if she were my own. OP, maybe I'm one of the first here to say I understand, even though I'm the parent (my son is grown though). When the kids are "monsters", it reflects directly on the mom.