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Common arguments can sound like: The number one reason you shouldn’t date during your critical first year of sobriety was explained pretty plainly by our own Dr. He was directing these words to clients still in a drug rehab environment, but this advice crosses over to anyone in early sobriety: Think about this for a moment.Addiction is a medical illness, just like diabetes or cancer.

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If you begin a relationship too early in your sobriety, you may find that all of those new emotions focus in on one specific person. During your first year sober, the ups and downs of this type of relationship can be emotionally draining.

Because you’re so vulnerable, you may also pick the wrong person (the first person you see), which can be toxic to your body, mind and spirit. By waiting 12 months after treatment, you will be more emotionally ready to take a chance and deal with the tough parts of dating.

This part of the relationship can leave us feeling vulnerable and can even bring up old wounds we’re not ready or equipped to handle.

When you begin recovery, focusing on yourself is important.

We’ve all been in the new beginnings part of a relationship.

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