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You can also check out the dating page I have on here that has that same dating service but has more categories.

Also on the dating page is people in your area for Fling! It shows just hot babes, but if you go to it you can select from trannies, shemales and others.

I'd be happy to share with others in similar situations, but I'll keep this brief, since I'm not sure how active this group is? I've never had so much fun, or met anyone who gave me butterflies as quickly as he did. Nothing to do with his enjoyment of dressing in woman's clothing. He said he doesn't feel feminine or want to have a full female persona or wordrobe and he also doesn't consider...

I'm sorry to say that I and the crossdresser did not work out. It took me completely by surprise, lots of crying and confusion. He only wears womens bra and underwear and occasionally corsets.

Some are big babes with huge perky tits and a big cock they can get hard.