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What the hell, meet her and see if she's really a nutjob or not. Merely playing you for her own ends whatever they may be. Although, I really doubt I would ask a favour like that of a friend at this stage of the game. Heh heh, I realize (and didn't make clear) that people, usually women, will often say "hun", "darlin" and "sweetie" in a casual way. But from what the OP said, she sounds like she was using a genuine term of endearment in a "lover-ish" sort of way before they even met. OK lol I use hun hunny darlin(not as much) a lot with everyone I even use babe with my dog... I would suggest talking to her about it but proceed with caution. But that is me I suggest talking to her but always remember CYAWelcome to the world where many women have to deal with being called "babe", "baby", "honey," "sweetie", etc....

The second, and most LIKELY reason for this behavior? Referring to you as her boyfriend after only a couple of phone calls and no meetings in person, would make me proceed more than a little cautiously, were I you. Who knows, maybe she just felt a little weird asking a friend of hers to show around "some guy I've talked to a couple of times from the internet", yanno? But I've never heard anyone use "baby" except in the jocular sense for effect such as "you got that right, baby", etc, which I employ frequently myself. I doubt I would even meet the women after that, but what could it hurt.... I wouldn't read too much into the pet name thing..people, men and women alike just talk that way, however, claiming that you are her boyfriend when you have never actually met is a little over the top. If it were me, I would be putting on my running shoes! Eh that is a little different refering to you as her boyfriend thats just a little premature.

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