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Love is a choice, and it would be painful for my son to give up a young lady he really cared for because he found out after a few dates that a future with her involved four or more baby daddies.Dear Out of Line: Although it might be “painful” for your son to give someone up after a few dates, he should make the effort to get to know the person before asking a question like the one he posed to a complete stranger.

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From the looks of this video, he wants to make it the best date ever.

A couple that were forbidden from dating by the woman’s father have married almost 40 years after they first met.

The couple both grew up around Loughborough in Leicestershire and Brookman even went to school with Coburn’s older brother.

But, it wasn’t until 1978, when he directed a play that she was taking part in, that they got to know each other better.

Waiting until he knows her better seems like a waste of both parties’ time if he’s not interested in someone who brings several other families into the relationship.