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The 'Skinny' girls make sure we know that the show has nothing to do with skinny be-otches, the girls learn what the "S" word is and then discuss fist-ing, lipstick lesbians, and parachuting naked.

I love a good non sequitur as much as the next geeky humorist, but this one makes no sense.

Note that no words were needed to send this lass in a tailspin; just a picture, a cream meme if you will, signifying everything that women love about men, and what women want to do with men who are worthy of their pussies: they want to submit, eagerly, with happy abandon.

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No crevasse of the female hindbrain is deeper than the one that contains the ür-desire to relinquish her body, heart, and soul totally to a man exuding that I AM A GOLDEN GOD attitude.

PS Some will waver that good-looking men have more leeway to act dominant; that women will forgive them this indiscretion that would sink less attractive men. The dominant handsome man bests the submissive handsome man EVERY TIME.

Although women don’t mind a man easy on the eyes, it’s his alluring dominance and entitlement (who does this man thinks he is?

he must be someone important) that really snares their hearts and juices their cunts.

Want to see his or her quote up here in anonymous infamy? Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.

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    She’s always giving away money to children’s charities.

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    During the second wave of The Fappening which happened the weekend of September 20, 2014, an extremely graphic selfie video of Spencer masturbating to orgasm was exposed.