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I’ve found that most people think that they have all sorts of deal breakers until they actually meet someone with whom they want to have a relationship.7) Don’t focus on all the little things when the big things are there. Creating a profile is just as daunting for a guy as it is for a girl. But online dating sites can create all kinds of weird emotions that distract us from what God is doing.Recognize that some guys are truly doing their best. Put your attempts at meeting someone online in God’s hands.

I’m not saying to be dishonest about your past, but allow a guy to know you for who you are today not as you were.

Your conversations about your past should happen face to face.

An incomplete profile, bad spelling or grammar, trolling the site once a year, or an initial message to a girl that reads, “I like your profile; tell me more about yourself” is lazy. Most say some variation of the following: “I like to hang out with friends, snowboard and drink microbrews. Send her a message and formally introduce her to your charming self. Has it been a couple days since you first emailed her, and she has yet to respond? She may be busy, or traveling, or taking time to craft an answer, or ignoring you altogether.

My best buddy is my dog, and I can’t live without my truck.” Oh, and every guy online is “laid back.” Where the vaguery gets irritating is when it’s in the area of faith. 5) Don’t preach, judge, share doctrinal treatises or brag about your perceived spiritual maturity. Remember, you don’t have to contact us, and we don’t have to answer you. Being overly aggressive online works as well as it does in any other environment – it doesn’t. Well, it could mean the poke, the prod, the push, the nasty email on why I haven’t responded, the nagging to respond, the desperate call to communicate.

Food was just the tip of the iceberg and a boring tip at that.