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Alaskan girl possibly relocating to Bentonville, AR in near future. If you Hi my name is Stacey and i am a very attractive and loving woman who loves sex and fun but also a career driven girl.

Live life pretty easily, have always worked and earned my way. Originally a Southerner, I live on my rural homestead/hobby farm near Denali National Park, Alaska. I don't smoke nor do I drink and I prefer that my partner does not either.

Movies, Video games, playing cards, reading, gardening, My most characteristic feature is my sense of humor laughing and having fun is always a good trait I think.

As much as I can be funny and bubbly to an extent I can also be serious when the need calls for it.

If you need to get to a certain locale, type it in and in a blink of an eye, you know how to get there.

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    One converted because she is engaged to a white Mormon guy. I wondered at first if they would experience racism from other Mormons for that reason, but according to the OP, it sounds like white guy/non-white girl is generally not a problem.

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    But the story and premise go through so many twists and turns throughout the first three episodes, it’s hard to predict what exactly the series is, or how much of that potential it’s capable of realizing.

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