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I don't think Ma mopar thought the number of doors out when they tooled up for the charger and hopefully they add a two door to the line.

on the upside it would be easier to justify a four door to ones significant other especially with kidds and car seats.

Push button#1; go 0 - 60 mph not very fast Push button#2; go 60 - 90/95 mph fairly quick with some peddle left Push button#3;watch the needle settle down at about 110/115 mph as the engine idles dwn POUR YOURSELF A COFFEE AND ENJOY THE RIDEThis car stopped on the pass in a blizzard and pulled the 4x4's out of the snowbank This car was the only vehicle to breach the top at the local 4x4 hillclimb - shouda seen the faces after I backed the car down the hill in reverse,lol A friend who just purchased a 900 kawasaki when they first came out, laughed at my"BOAT"I raced him to the pass. for him at the pass, and he didn't laugh no more!!!

He laughed as he drove circles around me all threw town and out to the lake. I now drive a 1991 Lebaron convertible, champagne with leather, and it is a most comfortable ride.

The 5.9 if I remeber correctly is a pretty clos equivilant to the old 360, except they call it a 5.9. Even though I had my 06 DAK for awhile, I just LOVE HIM to pieces. And it seems like Chrysler is turning back the hands of time, by allowing us, to live our passions with the newer Charger, and Challenger.