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Lots of contrivance and character regression had to bring us to this point and it makes it hard to appreciate any of what comes from it.

Lor: In Willow’s room, Xander is getting suited up while Willow tries on different outfits.

Because we got taken to the school hall a year level at a time for our pictures and had to stand in alphabetical order. Lor: She stomps up to Cordy and wonders why she couldn’t take 30 seconds to think of someone other than herself.

Cordy blah blahs about being under a lot of pressure and didn’t she grow some character depth at some point? This little showdown ends with Buffy saying that her inner-prom-queen has been awakened. Sweeney: This goes to an interesting place, I suppose, but the set-up is just so shoddy.

Lor: Cut to the cafeteria where Cordy is still campaigning and Buffy looks, well, distracted.