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Once I did publish the book and the reviews started coming in, Imposter Syndrome struck again.

Paulist Productions is an Emmy Award-winning creator of films and television programs that uncover God’s presence in the contemporary human experience.

Then one day she emailed me and asked if I wanted to turn my online dating posts into an e Book. Ok, well, an e Book author, but someone who wrote something who someone else asked them to write so that’s like an author. One of my dear friends who knows every terrible, embarrassing thing about me is an editor a very real publication.

Within about ten minutes my boyfriend texted me that he’d gotten the job he’d been in hoping to get for the past six months. Champagne was consumed, Drake was blasted, drunk rapping was the main activity of the evening. Yet another good friend is an editor at a publishing house. – put up on Amazon), I was actually sitting in my apartment alone, drinking massive amounts of vodka and texting pictures of dead bed bugs in a plastic bag to the guy with the bed bug sniffing dog to confirm that I did indeed have bed bugs. It was a stroke of luck in some ways that I was drunk and on the verge of insanity because both of those things compelled me to announce my book’s arrival on social media. As it turned out there was a new website devoted to reviewing every Kindle Single and the woman who reviewed mine absolutely fucking hated it.

I don’t worry people will find out I and see me like some of the internet commentors did.