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Get ready for some wild stories, actionable tips, and more, as we discuss everything from building credibility and building a name for yourself, to turning your expertise into products.

I use RISE partner Wistia for video hosting because they rock. (affiliate) What I love about Go To Meeting by Citrix is how EASY it is to host a video meeting.

David wygant secrets of online dating

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Meaning, you can host and your guest(s) doesn’t have to install a big program or anything like that.

They simply click, download a little applet that takes pretty much 5 seconds, and boom they are on talking with you in crystal clear HD video thanks to HD Faces. Head over to Go To Meeting.com, click the “Try It Free” button, and enter the promo code RISE for 45 days on me.

am NOT going to fill your head with a bunch a hype and “sale” triggers to get you to buy one of David Wygant’s products.