Dependency property not updating

I know my bound data is sending proper INotify events because I can bind other controls to the data like textblocks and see its content change as the objects property changes, but my user control does not seem to be receiving the event at all. The WPF Framework will not call them, it will use the dependency property directly.Never do anything in those getters and setters that you need to get done.All I need to do is, on the button click I want to update the Name value that will have to update the text box value.

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Recently I struggled on my user control trying to make the dependency property be updated when I change the source of the binding.

That confirmed my belief that WPF does not forgive any single developer’s mistake.

You might want to read something on debugging bindings as well, then you can spot such errors as they will be reported by the binding engine.

(something like "property x not found on object y").

Also while debugging, I verified that the dependency property ( Cell Value ) is updated inside the user control, but it dosen't update the Text property of Tex Box.