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I really don’t think these guys are looking for someone to hide inside with all winter drinking hot chocolate and catching up on literature.

I think they just want a quick one-night-stand who leaves in the morning without interrupting their fantasy football.

It certainly didn’t result in a relationship, though, or anything even closely resembling a dating situation.

Free shows at the Hexagon draw large crowds of what the New York Times article’s interviewees try to emulate: the real hipsters of this city.

Many of us are naturally inclined to reach out to old flames in preparation for the long, cold months to come. I’m sad that this article gives the impression that the only way you can meet someone is if you’re out drinking somewhere.

I’d rather meet a really interesting, intriguing guy in one of my classes, or strike up a conversation with the mystery man sitting in Espresso Royale reading Infinite Jest.

However, this provided for an uncomfortable and awkward situation. This is where I was, on a date, last month during Terma Festival, a goth/industrial/darkwave music event where patrons, dressed overwhelmingly in matte black, gathered to see local acts like Claps and The Funeral and the Twilight, and out-of-town artists including Youth Code and White Car. The conversations overheard outside while smoking cigarettes ranged from intellectual debates to openly (intelligent) flirtatious banter.