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He’s charged with “violence at an international airport” and “interference with airport security.” He could face up to life in prison. Attorney Jules De Porre argues witness safety is a “legitimate” concern.However, prosecutors and defense attorneys have told a judge the trial might need to be delayed at least a few months. The revelations about the trial date came during a hearing Wednesday where the judge denied a defense request for contact information for prosecution witnesses. De Porre says prosecutors don’t want anything that could affect a witness’ willingness to testify.Edmunds appointed defense attorney Harold Gurewitz to handle Kilpatrick's appeal, which has also raised the following issues: The prosecution, meanwhile, has long scoffed at all of Kilpatrick's arguments, saying his claim that his lawyer hurt his case is hogwash.

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If that's the case, then why did the city declare bankruptcy? District Judge Nancy Edmunds — who oversaw his trial and sentenced him — and asking her to consider what he claims was a heated feud between him and his lawyer James Thomas. "After leaving the court, (Kilpatrick) and (his attorney) are involved in a heated quarrel, with bad language, threats and counter-threats.

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Nobody chased anybody around the table,” said Thomas, noting that he ultimately did ask to withdraw from the case, but the judge denied the request.