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Born in Nicaragua, Bianca Jagger moved to Paris in her late teens, meeting Caine through his tailor who happened to be making a suit for her.

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The two were lovers for a while, but really Hall was his muse.

He drew her thousands of times, including on a beach in Jamaica in a moment captured by Norman Parkinson for Vogue.

Jerry Hall & Antonio Lopez Hall and Lopez met in Paris in the early 70s, at the iconic nightclub Club Sept.

Hall had moved from Texas on a quest for adventure, and the meeting would prove portentous, as Lopez took her under his wing, tutoring Hall in the ways of make up and fashion, and introducing her to the likes of Andy Warhol.

Gore Vidal and Jack Kerouac The story of Gore Vidal and Jack Kerouac’s night of passion is hazy at best, made still hazier because of the questions raised over Vidal’s credibility.