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ever” then there’s a very good chance that you have a clean, authentic love for this person…

and if you’re lucky enough for them to also want to be with you, then you have found something beautiful and resilient.

After the big dopamine flood of how most relationships start… What signals can I notice in my body, my behaviour, or our interactions that signal our long-term compatibility? now what does the emerging, authentic act of ‘loving’ look like? Here are the three biggest things you should be looking for in order to tell the difference between being in love and actually loving someone.

”–You’ve likely been in a similar situation at some point in your personal journey. When you’re in love with someone, and you’re being hit by wave after wave of all of the dizzyingly addictive happy brain chemicals, you sometimes feel dependent on their presence in order to feel extra-super-happy. Your entire being lights up when you see them in your vicinity.

It helps them move towards their authentic selves and away from their masks, should-thinking, and compromising.–The first several months of a new relationship can feel like when a rip tide takes you under during a surf session.