Dinner dating guernsey

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Due to the popularity of our balcony gigs, a section of the Cobo Coast Road at the front of the hotel is temporarily closed off.

If you are a resident and would prefer a more peaceful afternoon then we will be more than happy to arrange any trips or excursions you may wish to enjoy.

He described the islands as ‘The perefect model’ for Britain to look at when considering life outside of the European Union.

‘The answer is to work together, however unpalatable it might be to work alongside your competitors in Jersey,’ he said.

Under 2 years FREE (in a cot), Under 12 years pays £49, Under 17 years pays £69. Under 2 years FREE (in a cot), all dates, all sailings. One child under 12 years can be accommodated in a king room, two children can only be accommodated in a Governor or Studio suite.