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If you suspect you have OCD, talk to a licensed medical practitioner about your symptoms.You may have to undergo some tests and exams, and/or a referral to a mental health specialist, to conclusively determine OCD.Symptoms include: A typical diagnosis for GAD involves having these (and other) behaviors for at least six months. When anxieties are mild, a GAD sufferer can function normally, and can even hold a job.

You leave the house, locking the front door behind you. You may even have a routine or ritual you go through.

These thoughts or rituals, when tied to OCD, can inhibit your ability to lead a meaningful life.

They may to perform an exam to ensure that another physical problem isn't causing the symptoms.

Panic attacks can happen whenever, no matter if you're awake or asleep.

When you have OCD, you can't control neither the obsessions nor the compulsions.