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I noticed for a long time that this song sounds very similar to the Righteous Brothers hit "You've Lost that Loving Feeling." In particular, the note progression in the middle of each verse in both songs is identical.

I first assumed that Bill Medley, who sung both songs, had also written both songs.

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In fact, he wrote neither, and the songs are written by different people.

I wonder if he had any creative input into how the songs sounded.

Every day — not just Valentine’s Day — I hear platitudes about how love will arrive when I least expect it, about the ability of dating sites to bring true love, about how I should wait for the first round of my social circle’s divorces to roll through. This year marks the 30th anniversary of “Dirty Dancing,” and I still watch the movie with the same wide-eyed wonder as I did the first time.

As an eternal optimist, I struggle to accept that love may not happen for me. Yet as much as I’ve longed to be rescued in an epic dance-off, I’ve committed to a different kind of happy ending for now — having the time of my life, alone.

during its eight-show run (July 14-19) at The Smith Center.