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You’re having trouble with the long-distance lovemaking. There are two interfaces that simulate a human mouth. When you move your lips and tongue on yours, it transmits exactly what you’re doing to hers.

Really get your tongue in there, to activate the motion sensor.

Leonard: Oh, uh, Priya’s calling in a few minutes on Skype, and we are gonna have a dinner date.

Sheldon: It’s eight o’clock in the morning in Mumbai.

Sheldon: Priya has moved back to India to pursue her law career. I read recently about a fellow in Kansas with an enormous ball of twine. Leonard: You know, some people might say that it’s great that we’re trying to make things work long distance.

Sheldon: Thanks for letting me stay here while Leonard Skypes with his girlfriend.

Sheldon: Penny has dragged a chair in off the street whose unknown provenance jeopardizes the health and welfare of every resident in our building.