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My main question is when you do get into random battles where people listen or have great ideas (trust me they are out there) how are you gonna know where your needed, how your needed or when your needed?Another thing how are you supposed to call for help by arty or anyone else when you need it?So much for messages like, "med, please go back and stop cap," or, "reload in 10 secs, please hold off the scouting run until them," or "we only have one tank covering valley, can someone come with me over there to reinforce?

“I was trusted and respected by both management and rank-and-file alike,” he mailed El Reg.

“I wanted everyone to continue trusting me.” Hinting to one of the parties that they should knock it off - or at least the graphic emailing - would make Flash identifiable as an email snoop and/or snitch.

My profile information was all changed, and all of my pictures are gone. There are more scammers and fake profiles on this website than there are true real members.

I'm very disappointed in this app, and I hope they receive the complaint I sent them. Slows pc down and I hear the same from many others.

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