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Pamela Kosmak may have known her accused killer, but they were anything but friends.

Both Kosmack and Marc Leduc were regulars at the rough-and-tumble Royal Britannia Pub, a since-closed watering hole on Richmond Road.

, a Florida jury got to see and hear another side of what goes on in newsrooms.

This time, the screen wasn't dominated by editors and writers talking about how to get to the bottom of a cover-up of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy.

Hogan's explanation is that he plays a "character," but when he goes home, he's Terry Bollea (his real name) and doesn't expect the cameras to trail him into the bedroom. Nick Denton, its owner, has long admitted an aversion to privacy, directing his publication to tell the kinds of off-the-record stories that journalists pass along to each when hanging out together.