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This type of grand jury work is only possible on felony cases when I am hired to represent the defendant before the case is formally indicted by the Grand Jury.Texas law allows prosecutors to skip the step of presenting a case to a Grand Jury when misdemeanor charges are involved, which may explain why more baseless and marginal domestic violence cases seem to be filed in the County Courts at Law than in the District Courts.

When pretrial negotiation fails to produce an acceptable agreement, the case will be moved to the trial docket.

As the trial date approaches and the prosecutor learns more about the case from their own in-house investigation, they often come around to seeing things my way and decide to dismiss the case.

Most other Austin criminal defense attorneys don’t do an extensive independent investigation until after the case is set for trial and the client pays their trial fee.

These attorneys may be cheaper to hire for pretrial negotiations only but, in my opinion, without a thorough investigation they are negotiating with one arm tied around their back.

The information I gather during pretrial investigation often means that I know more about the case than the prosecutor.