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Using identification that shows your new name makes using that name much easier.You also need a copy if you want to change your name on your birth certificate and for other entities, such as your bank.

“That was the most amazing feeling, to be a wife and have a husband and to have that relationship,” she said.

Eleven weeks after their wedding, Daniel dropped dead. I just really hope that it’s soon.” Wruble is part of a group known, in the lingo of the dating world, as second-time singles—people who have been widowed or divorced who are looking for new spouses.

You can request a certified copy of the order to change your name from the issuing court for legal proof of the new name.

Both the local Social Security office and state department of motor vehicles will ask for official proof of the change when you change your name on your state identification and Social Security card.

A faster option for obtaining your divorce certificate is to order online or by phone.

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