Horny chat app on iphone - Dns timestamp not updating

dns timestamp not updating-16

Solution: Allow Symantec Endpoint Protection to be disabled from the notification area icon when configured to do so.

FIX ID: 3783027 Symptom: If you enter more than 480 characters into the message box for the Host Integrity policy option Utility: Show message dialog while logged on with the Symantec Endpoint Protect Manager web console, the text cannot be saved. Solution: Changed the text area limit from 480 to 1000 characters for this Host Integrity option.

FIX ID: 3715517 Symptom: Administrator-defined weekly scheduled scans get suspended within 1-2 minutes of starting or resuming them.

Solution: Cleared registry entries from previous scan type after a change to an administrator-defined scan, so that the correct suspend time is returned correctly.

FIX ID: 3732720 Symptom: A corrupt or malformed fingerprint list can be imported into the management console without any errors by appending it to an existing fingerprint list.