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Where, indeed, is the dirt-digging being done on the United staff who handled everything so badly, the security team who caused Dao serious damage, or the CEO who acted so dismissively about the entire episode?There were so many alternatives available to United in this whole sorry scenario.

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Investigators allege that after the encounters he would prescribe birth control and inject the girl with the medication.

They allege that on one occasion he had sex with her in his office at Toronto General Hospital.

Dao’s heavily bleeding face and his cries of terror caused widespread uproar and a Twitter-led boycott of United Airlines, especially after United CEO Oscar Munoz issued a non-apology which thanked his staff for “always going above and beyond” and for following “established protocols”.

The only euphemistic mention of the violence was made when Munoz apologised for having to “re-accommodate a passenger”, something which brought to mind one of the bureaucratic workers in the dystopian film : “The population census has got him down as ‘dormanted’.

The consensus has been for a while that the best solution is to own up, apologise, take responsibility and move on (preferably with a well-timed positive announcement a month or so later) rather than scapegoating one person, United seems to have only just got that memo.