Doctors backdating medical certificates

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Any other threads started discussing the above topic will most likely be deleted or closed and pointed to this thread. Some states have like 3 warning signs prior to the cameras.

To aid in getting an answer to your query please include the following details so answers can be provided. If you miss all of those, while speeding, perhaps you need to reflect on your concentration. All drivers have to do is accept that they could be anywhere and make a habit of driving at a safe and legal speed and they'll have no worries.

When we take to the roads, mistakes potentially ARE a matter of life and death and for most (if not all), the most dangerous thing they will do that day – therefore it requires your utmost attention, consideration and concentration!

Conceded, we do get distracted at times (due to a myriad of reasons), however, at the end of the day, if you don't speed, you don't get caught – you do and you run the risk.

An employer cannot force an employee to have a medical examination.