Does radioactive dating with isotopes of uranium and thorium Amateur married couple in sex chat

We note that this is true despite the fact that the r-process/Fe ratio in the star CS 22892–052 is ≈10–50 times the solar system value.

This does not, however, guarantee that the Th abundance in this star can provide a good age estimate.

The presence of naturally occurring radioactive nuclei in Galactic matter testifies to the fact that the age of the elements is finite.

To the extent that the long-lived nuclear species of interest are the products of nuclear transformations proceeding in stars and supernovae over the course of our own Galaxy’s history, they can be used to provide a measure of the duration of star formation activity and concomitant nucleosynthesis in the Galaxy.

In general, excellent agreement with the solar r-process heavy element abundance pattern is obtained, in metal-poor stars, over the entire range of elements from barium to osmium.