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After reading about updates like this, they decided to change how sponsored links were handled across the site, and refined how advertising was displayed in general (although it doesn’t appear that their ads were overly aggressive from a UX standpoint.) Then they waited…

and on 5/17, almost all of their rankings and traffic returned. Now, I’ve covered how long it takes to typically recover from a major core ranking update focused on quality, and that’s usually not just a few weeks. In addition, I’ve seen reversals before based on Google tweaking an algorithm to ensure we are seeing the best possible results in the SERPs.

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There’s a site that was algorithmically smoked on 5/7 (around the 5/4 update) that lost 83% of its Google organic traffic overnight. It was a horrible hit, and one of the worst I have seen.

After the initial hit, the company reached out to me to let me know what was going on, explained what they thought it could be, etc.

I’ve seen this first hand while helping companies impacted by these updates.

Side Note: Eighth Graders Know What’s Frustrating, Shouldn’t We All?

so it’s great to see them increase during the May 17 update.