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But he halted that pursuit when his father expressed a desire to sell David Deutsch Associates.Donny Deutsch saw the opportunity to create something of his own within his father’s company, persuaded him not to sell and to give him a greater role, creating his own brand with fresh new accounts.

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Fox, Jeff Zucker and Star Jones – wed Stacy Josloff at the Plaza in 2001, but they split four years later.

Deutsch’s girlfriend, Amanda Zacharia, gave birth last year to his daughter, Daisy, after they had already broken up.

That account paid $400,000 a year in fees, four times the size of their largest client at the time. By 1989, about five years later, billings at the agency had grown to $75 million. "There’s something to be said when it’s all on the line, when it all depends on you," Deutsch says of his rise in confidence and success.

"It can be really rough; like the entrepreneur who struggles to pay the bills.

He grew discontent with the suffocating corporate mentality and, in 1969, opened David Deutsch Associates.