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The wages of villainy helped finance his directorial debut, "Nil by Mouth," a stark autobiographical indictment of family violence in working-class south London that was a controversial hit at this year's Cannes Film Festival. A recovered alcoholic who once put away two bottles of vodka a day, Oldman met his current wife, American model Donya Fiorentino, in a rehabilitation center. But you would look at me in the gym and say, "The kid's a natural." I had all the moves down, hitting the punch bag, shadowboxing, skipping.

The couple now splits time between a house in the Hollywood hills and a flat in London.

On a movie of this scale, there's a lot of downtime between shots. To take yourself off the market for two years and work on a film was financially devastating. You're the one who takes it over and Harrison Ford is the president?

I've always found the downtime an occupational hazard. It's about a man who takes over the presidential plane. And you're a demon again, up to your old tricks?

At the time the Vicious thing was a real break for me as an actor. At the time, I thought God knows where acting could have possibly led.