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In Part Two, we follow young Robert's continuing journey into womanhood; his wedding, and the fateful wedding night. Join Robert, now "Trisha" as his journey is completed. I don't want to have to re-do your makeup again, we've less than an hour until the ceremony begins. "Come, you'll feel much better once we get you into your beautiful wedding gown." They all grabbed me and helped me up. Snapping back to reality, I found myself only feet from the altar. Trying to let the meaning of what she wrote sink in. Laughing to myself, I thought "OK Trisha, that's enough of that. Sniffling I thought, "I guess Trisha's emotions are starting to overtake mine." I Looked in the mirror across the room, and saw a beautiful bride looking radiant in her gown. I looked like a doll emerging from a sea of ivory satin and lace. We all laughed then the men escorted us out onto the dance floor. I looked up at him and in my feminine voice said, "My rear is good and lubed for you, if that's what you mean Ted." "You know I have to do this this way, right dear? "But - couldn't you make Trisha come back for this? I recognized it as that vile brochure "The Sissy Bride: What To Expect On Your Wedding Night". One who knows my needs, obeys me and above all, satisfies my every desire. And I intend to help you in that direction." I didn't know whether to be flattered or just sick at that comment. "Wait here." Ted instructed as he checked out the suite. "You enjoy feeling feminine, wearing feminine clothes, and now apparently acting it too!

Hear his most inner thoughts and feelings as he is humiliated into sissyhood at the hands of his mother, his aunts, his ex-girlfriend, and his husband! You don't want to keep Ted waiting at the altar, do you? I stood timorously on my high-heels, still not used to the feel of them. Stepping up, I turned to my left and handed my bouquet to Kaitlin. "That's it" I thought, as I shook my head in disbelief. Trisha was all too cooperative in striking her feminine poses, despite what Robert felt. Everyone seemed to have a good time, then it was over. "According to this," he said, "You have to be totally aware of what's happening to you as a boy in order to make you a better woman." He handed it to me. He continued, "You're feelings of humiliation are simply part of the process. Returning, he said, "I'm sorry dear, but I have to check on something. " I just stared into his eyes as he came closer, like a deer caught in the headlights. To make you a woman." he said and kissed my forehead.

"Let's begin turning our sweet little girl into a beautiful fairy tale princess for her wedding day." Lying on the bed, still somewhat dazed after reading the brochure, I began shaking my head. From the strappy white high heels on her dainty feet, to the sheer white patterned stockings, the shimmery satin and lace chemise, all the way to the white satin ribbon holding her long blonde hair. Her eyes, once brown were now blue thanks to contac lenses. Kaitlin's future husband standing up for my future husband. It's all for you - later." "Mmmmmm" I sighed, my rear started lubricating again at the thought. "I think I love you more now than when Robert was here." she whispered as we hugged. I was gathering the skirts of my gown in order to get into the limo when Ted stopped me. Gathering my skirts, I turned and began exploring the room, the rustling and swishing noises of my gown again permeating my ears. ] French doors to one side opened onto a large balcony that had a gorgeous view of the valley.

They were sultry, smoldering - we used to call them "Bedroom" eyes - framed by a soft coat of eyeliner, lashes lengthened and curled, eyebrows tweezed into a thin, feminine arch. Now, I was talking to your future husband Ted, and he said that he prefers to call you 'Trisha'. Kaitlin lifted my veil and they each kissed me on the cheek. I was getting sick, but Trisha was really loving it. Before dinner was served, Nick - our best man - gave the toast: "To Ted and Trisha. She then looked into my eyes and said; "I don't mean to sound crude, dear, but I really do hope that Ted makes wild, unbridaled, passionate love to the two of you tonight! The suite was beautifully appointed, decorated in a French Provincial style. Going back into the bedroom, I went to the wardrobe. " I looked closer at the slacks, shirts & sport coats. I turned my back to the mirror, then looked coyly over my shoulder and smiled.

command=search&db=/data/stories.db&max=1& eqstory IDdatarq=3251961654259319875Synopsis: In Part One, young Robert must face up to his fate as a sissy bride under the new "Virile Male" laws. In good times and bad, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, forsaking all other men, so long as you both shall live? This will happen over and over until you naturally begin to become Trisha without post-hypnotic commands. Much like a woman's vagina gets wet when she's aroused by her lover, your little bottom is readying itself for penetration. Darling, you will learn to love your new feminine life. "Yes...umm, coming, Kaitlin." I replied in my 'Trisha' voice as I folded the note and went to unlock the door. Everyone was concerned about me, but I told them I was OK. Waiting at the curb for my husband and I was a huge white horse-drawn carriage ready to take us from the chapel to the reception. And everyone who wasn't invited will still be able to see me in my wedding gown as we pass through. So for the sake of 'Good Pictures', I'm going to ask your 'other half' to accompany me. It's just until we get to our hotel room, then you will be back." I looked at him in wonder and slowly shook my head "no" ["No, I don't mind? After smoothing and fluffing my gown, Ted took my hand and we went in. Rubbing my aching tummy through the satin and beads of my gown, I shook my head again. This is certainly nothing like what I wanted." I said softly. Now here I am, pumped full of female hormones, breasts growing, looking more like a girl than ever before, dressed as a Bride and married to a man! Ted noticed me looking at him and said, "Trisha, I'm really not a mean guy." Taking my hand again, he continued, "Give me a chance to show you, hmm? After fussing with my gown and petticoat, I took his hand & emerged from the car. I don't know why I was so obsessed with this, and then it occurred to me. Tell me you love me." He chuckled and turned towards me.