Double your dating body language

David Deangelo's Double Your Dating site is famous for his Cocky Comedy and down to earth dating tips and advice for men.David Deangelo's interview with Payton Kane was brimming with tons of helpful tips for guys looking for some killer dating advice.

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Using the hair pull technique is another method of demonstrating alpha-male status.

The hair pull technique simply involves getting your hands in the back of a woman's hair and pulling it, gently of course, but with command.

Body language is important because body language conveys confidence, attitude and status in every move you make.

Kane tells Deangelo that the worst thing a man can do when trying to get a woman's interest is compliment her. Women are biologically engineered to look for status in a partner. - complimenting her, chasing her, wanting her - then he is lower status than she is.

Kane reveals to David Deangelo that there are three factors that greatly affect a man's initial approach to women.